Design of a Vehicle Chassis Inspection Robot Based on WiFi Network

Ying Zhao*, Yongxiang Sui, Jinsen Hou, Qun Sun, Chong Wang
School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, Liaocheng University, Liaocheng, 252059, P.R. China

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The vehicle chassis inspection robot introduced in this paper is capable of realizing automatic tracking, obstacle avoidance, and video image acquisition. The robot can be connected to a computer, mobile phone or other terminals through a WiFi network built within the robot, so as to achieve real time control of the robot motion, and to display videos or images collected by the robot on the computer screen. The system is simple and easy to operate, with high stability, high flexibility, precise directional control, and can satisfy the requirements in harsh environment.

Methods and Materials:

This design adopts a STC11F32XE microcontroller as the core, uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect the road objects and calculate the distance to the objects, anticipates and avoids obstacle during processing. The camera performs image acquisition and returns the picture to help easy detection of automotive chassis and manual robot control. The robot uses an infrared sensor to realize automatic obstacle avoidance, and it controls the travel speed as well as automatic stop by changing the PWM duty cycle.


Through this research, an intelligent vehicle parking inspection system has been developed.

Keywords: Robot, Vehicle chassis inspection, Visualization, Obstacle avoidance, Video image acquisition, PWM duty cycle, Ultrasonic sensor.